Sunday 23 May 2010

‘careless cycling’ charge dropped

Contrast the Crown Prosecution Service's zeal in this case with the CPS's refusal to prosecute a van driver who slammed into the back of two cyclists, killing one, because he 'didn't see them':

A CASE against a cyclist accused of breaking a dog’s jaw while riding through a park has been dropped after a year of legal wrangling. Springer spaniel Lucy was injured when a rider came around a corner on a cycle path in Castle Park, Colchester, and accidentally hit her in May last year. Firefighter Craig Todd was later charged with careless cycling under the Road Traffic Act.

But Colchester Magistrates’ Court heard yesterday the Crown Prosecution Service had dropped the case as there was too little evidence. Mr Todd, 38, of Fronks Road, Dovercourt, said he had been cycling carefully along a nationally-recognised cycling path when the incident took place.

He said: “I have spent a year of my life worrying about something that I didn’t feel was my fault. I have gone through a year of stress, several court appearances and I can only thank my close friends and colleagues who have supported me through this difficult time.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous that it went this far.