Sunday, 3 October 2010

Obstructed cycle lane update

I reported the road-work signs littered around Central Walthamstow, most jauntily thrown into the cycle lanes by the contractors repairing the road. I sent this on the 29th September.

I received an automatic email from Waltham Forest on the 29th, thanking me for my complaint.

That was last Wednesday. And on Friday, the complainant, The Grumpy Cyclist, reported

I cycled past the roadsigns this evening to find that they haven't been moved an inch.

I cycled past the ones on Selborne Road today. They still haven’t been moved. In fact the situation is worse than it was before, with even more crap in the one metre wide cycle lane by the bus station.

But then that’s why I set up this blog. I got tired of reporting stuff that was never dealt with. I thought I’d embarrass the council instead. Silly me. This crap council is beyond embarrassment.