Friday 18 February 2011

more unsafe cycling in Hackney

Two female cyclists have been injured in collisions with large vehicles on the streets of the London Borough of Hackney within 24 hours.

The borough’s mayor, Jules Pipe, said: “In recent years, Hackney Council has gone to great efforts to improve safety for cyclists, including free cycle training to people living, working or studying in the borough.

“We also host a local safety working group, where the council and its partners meet up to discuss ways of improving cyclist and pedestrian safety around heavy goods vehicles.
As a council, we support any additional efforts to try and create a safer environment for cyclists in Hackney.”

Any? Obviously anyone who asked for Dutch-style infrastructure, the removal of parked cars from the kerbside, and the introduction of segregated cycle paths, would be pushing at an open door, with cycling-friendly Cllr Pipes in charge. It’s a shame that no one appears to be asking.

Personally I think Hackney is a crap place to cycle, as car-sodden and car-centric as anywhere else in London. Cycling is under strain in Hackney, as is indicated by TfL’s modal share figures. Having reached a modal share of 8 per cent, it then slumped to 3 per cent and has now crawled back up to 5 per cent.