Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Combats drowsiness

The cycle exit on the Brookscroft Road side of the barrier.

Brookscroft Road E17 is blocked off with a gate at the junction with Kitchener Road, to stop rat-running between the A112 and the B160. But two lanes are provided either side of the gate, allowing access for cyclists.

The barrier is on a raised section of carriageway but the entry to each of the cycling lanes incorporates drop kerbs, to ensure a smooth passage. But as you exit either of the cycle lanes you find yourself going over a kerb. This sudden, unexpected jolt guarantees that the inattentive cyclist will experience a shock of surprise. Plainly this magnificent safety device has been specially engineered to combat the well-known danger of “falling asleep at the handlebars”. As always, Waltham Forest is at the cutting edge of the very latest in cycling design. Well done, everyone!