Thursday, 12 June 2008

Undertaking may require undertaker

The first lorry at the red light is in the ASL and partly in the cycle lane. Its rear section straddles a KEEP CLEAR sign painted on the carriageway, designed to keep access to the side road clear when traffic is stationary. With a left turn at the next set of lights, about thirty metres beyond the nearest lights, using the cycle lane to undertake these two stationary giants would be inadvisable, even though the glowing lights on the first lorry are brake lights, not indicator lights. Forest Road E17, approaching the junction with Palmerston Road, yesterday.

With a double-yellow line 'no waiting at any time' restriction running alongside the kerb there is an obvious case here for introducing a continuous white line cycle lane, which would make it unlawful for a driver to intrude into the cyclist's territory. But of course the safety of cyclists is not the top priority in our transport planning culture. And isn't it amazing how much road space just two lorries occupy.