Wednesday 3 August 2011

Crime and punishment – update

The protester who threw a foam pie at Rupert Murdoch has been jailed for six weeks.


A van driver risked his life and that of train passengers after making a split-second decision to ignore red lights at a level crossing and accelerate under the protective barriers.

Alan Dodd, 55, was ordered to pay a £400 fine, £45 costs and given three points on his license at Cambridge Magistrates' Court.

The judge who banged up the shaving foam comedian is the same one who cleared Metropolitan police sergeant Delroy Smellie of assaulting protestor Nicola Fisher.

District judge Daphne Wickham ruled he acted lawfully, despite video evidence posted on the internet showing Smellie hitting a woman half his size with the back of his hand and a retractable metal baton.