Monday 1 August 2011

One driver in seven speeding is OK with the cops – that’s normal

People living on Hillside Avenue, in Woodford Green, slammed a recent police evening operation which found only 14 per cent of drivers were speeding along the street.

Six officers checked the speed of 253 vehicles on the road on Friday, July 22, between 5pm and 7pm, but concluded that “Whilst speeding was detected it was not found to be prevalent, was below expectations, and equivalent to problems on similar suburban routes.”

But residents raised several complaints with the operation itself. They told the police they were stationed in the wrong parts of the road, wore high visibility jackets which alerted speeding drivers to their presence, and should have done the speed checks at night on the weekend.

But police said safety reasons stopped them from performing these operations at night and doing it on the weekend would have damaged other priorities.

There are no safety measures to control speed on the busy road.