Friday 18 January 2008

Shrouded in mystery

Problems for pedestrians and cyclists on Cairo Road E17.

Firstly, this scooter has taken permanent root on the pavement in an area which receives at least once daily visits from parking attendants. If they are doing their job correctly it will by now have received numerous tickets for footway parking. The fact that it is still there, day after day, suggests that they might not be. It's a mystery.

Secondly, just yards away, the plastic illuminated signed bollard designed to prevent vehicular access from Cairo Road to Hoe Street, was demolished by a vehicle in 2006. The bollard was never replaced, which in itself creates a hazard, since the remaining hollow base could easily be tripped over. Much worse, however, is that drivers have reverted to using Cairo Road as a rat run. Mainly Four Wheel Drive owners, naturally. Just drive your SUV in the cycle lane and over where the bollard used to be and on across the pavement on Hoe Street and you can save yourself a minute or two from queueing at the lights on Church Hill. Look carefully and you'll see the tyre prints from drivers who perform this manoeuvre. Of course, if the Council replaced the plastic bollard, tranquillity and the safety of cyclists and pedestrians would be restored. But I'm afraid maintenance isn't this Council's strong point.