Tuesday, 7 April 2009

'Stroll your way to happiness'

Apart from utilising obstructive and ugly advertising panels which are placed across pavements, the ‘Think Feet First’ publicity campaign enlarges on the benefits of walking, with the invitation 'stroll your way to happiness'.

Not only can walking help you lose weight and get into shape, but it can also make you feel happier. Exercise reduces your stress, depression and anxiety levels.

How true! So why not stroll around beautiful Waltham Forest’s dedicated walking facilities and feel the stress, depression and anxiety just melt away! Here are some pics of the local walking environment, taken in the past 2 days.

(Below) Tired from all that walking? Relax on this attractive bench at the nearby Crooked Billet underpass.

Or why not relax and enjoy the countryside on this beautiful River Lea walk:

But as you stroll your way to happiness, make sure you don't cut yourself on all the broken glass...