Sunday, 6 December 2009

Savage persecution

I block the pavement with my scooter and they keep giving me parking tickets, sob, whine, whimper... [He looks like a miserable git, does he not? Editor]

The corporate media loves nothing better than to publicise the plight of a plucky fossil fuel user being mercilessly persecuted by parking attendants. So I wasn’t surprised to discover this man on the sofa on the BBC Breakfast Show last week, without anyone there to balance his idiocy from the perspective of the pedestrian, or the footway user with a mobility handicap. The BBC’s notion of ‘balance’ is an entirely arbitrary one which it makes up as it goes along. But then the smirking dullards operate from the default position that everybody drives and 'we' all get parking tickets and 'we' have all been caught by speed cameras.

Dr Dawood, who lives in Cricklewood, said he needed the scooter for work: “I am disgusted Camden has got nothing better to do than go after people making legitimate use of their own land.”

A council spokesman said: “The legal ruling has been made: it is a public footpath and the parking tickets remain valid.” He pointed out there was a free scooter parking bay metres from the spot