Monday, 1 February 2010

A rosy future for cycling in outer London!

An attractive cycle lane with helpful signing, of the kind likely to result in a surge of cycling here in outer London. (The A112, Walthamstow, on Saturday morning.)

Yes, it’s an exciting time to be a cyclist here in outer London:

Numerous centres of high cycling potential exist in outer London. With the right mix of promotional interventions, a real shift in cycling culture could be delivered in these areas. Outside of these urban centres the cycling potential is less concentrated than in central and inner London, and promotional measures need to be adapted accordingly, with a focus on marketing and travel awareness campaigns, cycle training and travel planning.

Everything except infrastructure, then.

So, will 2010 be the year of cycling in London?

Tom Bogdanowicz, LCC Campaigns Manager is quite clear: "There is every possibility this will be the year of cycling in London.

It’s such a shame that amid all this jubilation and excitement the outer London cycling community contains ingrates and moaning minnies like this:

Cyclists have slammed a £25,000 grant intended to fund research into how Merton residents can be persuaded to get on their bikes. The money, from Transport for London (TfL), will not be spent on practical cycling aids but is intended to fund research and help Merton become one of 12 outer London ‘biking boroughs’.

Merton Cycling Campaign’s Richard Evans said:
“I’m fed up with hearing nonsense like this. We don’t need any more studies. It’s just a way of pretending to do something when actually you’re not. We need action on the ground. For that sort of money we could put in a lot more cycle parking around the borough, particularly in town centres.”