Monday 3 May 2010

Carlo Cudicini crash in Walthamstow: it was just an accident!

THE car driver involved in a motoring accident which could potentially have ended a premiership goalkeeper's career will not be prosecuted over the incident.

Tottenham Hotspur keeper Carlo Cudicini was driving his BMW motorbike down Forest Road, in Walthamstow, in November last year, when it collided with the Ford Fiesta of Jennifer Bernard.

Mr Cudicini, 36, suffered a broken pelvis and wrists in the incident and has not played since.

The Crown Prosecution Service has now said there is not enough evidence to charge Miss Bernard, 25, from Enfield, with any motoring offence.

There’s a good if speculative comment which I’ll quote in case the local paper removes it:

There may not be "enough evidence for a prosecution", but exactly what evidence was there to show;
1) She was perhaps performing an illegal manoevre, ie a U-turn on a major road? Observe if you will, the wheels on her car are on 'full-lock', which is typical of a vehicle making such a turning move.
2) What was the speedometer of Cudicini's bike showing at the crash scene IF it had ceased on impact and not returned to 'Zero' ?
If the CPS has made their judgement on balance that each party were 'in error' of the rules of the road - we should be told

There is no reason why a motorcyclist and a car driver should crash at this location if both were obeying the speed limit and driving with care.

One or both were at fault and, like ‘Redfox’, I don’t find it satisfactory that the CPS has breezily decided not to charge anyone.