Thursday 6 May 2010

Cycling on election day

A lovely sunny day, perfect for enjoying the fabulous infrastructure of outer London’s most cycling-friendly borough… Spot the cycle lane in the first pic, under the wheels of that 'environmental' tanker.

My polling station didn’t have any cycle stands the last time I voted and it didn’t have any today. It never has had and it probably never will, because after all it’s just a council building used by members of the public. Presumably none of the staff employed at this building cycle to work either.

I noticed one difference at this election. The addresses of parliamentary candidates who live within the constituency have been withheld. Where’s the transparency in that?

First two pics taken this afternoon on the A112 in Walthamstow, photo below taken on the B159 in Leyton. Ironically I’d just stopped and started to take this last photo when there was the blare of a car horn right behind me. A driver wanted me to move so that he could park behind the driving instructor's car.

That’s the trouble with some of these cyclists. They think cycle lanes are for them, when they aren’t. And everybody knows they aren't.