Tuesday 4 May 2010

There’s a Lithuanian in my cycle lane!

These East Europeans, they come over here and steal our cycle lanes. Like this driver on Leyton Green Road E10, whose flash Mercedes carries an LT plate. That’s LT for Lithuania.

And what is UKIP doing about these foreigners stealing cycle lanes from native English cyclists? Nothing! On the contrary, they are on the side of the foreigner.

That is why I am not voting for UKIP.


One UKIP candidate has said:

Provision for cyclists is already adequate. Please remember that motorists are the people who pay to use the roads whereas cyclists are “freeloaders”. They are entitled to use the roads but not disproportionately”.

By the way, in the big society with real change coming, you can be sure there’ll be no change at all on Leyton Green Road, shown in this photo. The farce of a newly expanded cycle lane where car parking is permitted seven days a week will continue. And note that the cars meeting the bus are forced into the cycle lane on the other side.

There is not a single political party with a manifesto commitment that states:

All cycle lanes shall be not less than two metres in width.
Cycle lanes must run the entire length of the road they are on.
There must be no parking at any time in a cycle lane.
Drivers will not be permitted at any time to enter the cycle lane.

That’s far too revolutionary for a backward, car-sick society like Britain.