Thursday 5 August 2010

Lying corrupt speeding driver allowed to continue driving

A company chief executive avoided speeding fines by blaming the offences on her dead mother.

But, marvellously, even though she had committed enough offences to require instant disqualification

she escaped a driving ban

But then she was very well bred and an awfully important person.

The court heard Child, who sits on Lancaster University’s governing council, began the deception when she was caught doing 38mph in a Volvo on a 30mph stretch of the A6 in Lancashire in 2006.

She was also at the wheel when a speed camera caught her driving at 46mph along the 30mph limit A6 through Lancaster in June 2007.

Police sent a notice of intended prosecution to Child’s mother for both offences because she was still registered as the owner of the Volvo.

Child picked up the letters and forged her mother’s signature and the dead woman’s licence was endorsed with the points.

But when Child was caught speeding again in Merseyside in November 2007 she was faced with a dilemma. Because her mother’s licence had nine points on it, the dead woman would have been required to appear in court for any more offences. Child was forced to admit the offence.

Her scam was exposed after she ran the red light in her Audi S5 in Swinton South Yorkshire, in September last year.