Tuesday 3 August 2010

Melbourne cops in helmetless cyclists crackdown

A heartwarming example of Melbourne police in action, cracking down on those dangerous anarchists who wilfully cycle around without helmets. If only these pedalling pests had been able to visit the Waltham Forest Green Fair they could have picked up a helpful and informative Road Safety leaflet which makes the simple point: are you the sort of person who enjoys rubbing their head against gravel? You aren’t? Then wear a helmet. Sadly London’s streets are full of people who just don’t seem to understand the scientific logic of this simple equation.

Photo credit: Auckland Cycle Chic, via this cycling blog, via Rob Ainsley.

Meanwhile for red light jumping in London, the police have started to move away from drivers to focus on cyclists. Tim Lennon has calculated that

2007 / cyclists got 0.593% of tickets issued
2008 / 1/198% of tickets
2009 / 2.291% of tickets

The war on the motorist is at an end! The war on cycling begins! Rejoice!