Thursday, 12 August 2010

Secret public footpaths of Waltham Forest

The council does everything possible to discourage walking by comprehensively neglecting its public footpath network, rarely signing public footpaths, and frequently allowing them to become overgrown and obstructed. This is part of a wider pattern in Waltham Forest:

The general trend in the last few years has been a loss of green spaces and facilities.

This little known public footpath on Chestnut Avenue South is unsigned at either end. The council once tried to shut it down but a local resident objected (it was her walking route to church) and the planning inspector upheld the objection.

The council has never in its history bothered to produce a map of the extensive network of footpaths and short cuts which criss-cross the borough, but then it’s a totally car-centric council obsessed with promoting car dependency.