Wednesday 4 August 2010

Two killer lorry drivers get the kid glove treatment

In the first case

“The deceased was riding from his home in Oxford southbound along the A34 to Didcot when the collision occurred. The road was busy but the weather conditions were good.

“The defendant was driving a Leyland DAF lorry and he was carrying a portable building and the overhang was 400mm on one side of the lorry and just under that on the other side.

“The load hit the back of the cyclist’s head and knocked him off his bike and the body then went under the lorry.”

Llewellyn told police he “just didn’t see” Mr Gadacsi, who died from his injuries at the scene.

Llewellyn was
disqualified from driving for 18 months


A lorry driver has been given a community order and banned from driving after pleading guilty to causing the death of a cyclist by careless driving.

Special police sergeant Martin West, 43, was hit last October as he cycled along the A5 in Milton Keynes.

Philip Dulwich, 42, from Norfolk Road, Dagenham, Essex, pleaded guilty at Huntingdon Crown Court.

He was sentenced to 300 hours of unpaid community work and
disqualified from driving for two years.