Wednesday, 11 August 2010

What can you see in this London street scene?

The lorry has drifted into the narrow cycle lane, even though this is where a continuous white line makes it unlawful to enter the cycle lane. But of course laws designed to protect cyclists are not enforced.

And there’s a bike in the foreground locked up to a traffic sign, because there are no cycle stands anywhere near, even though this is at the heart of a shopping centre.

There are shopkeepers’ A boards cluttering the footway, but the council has little or no interest in enforcing laws designed to protect pedestrians, even when the offenders commit their offences regularly in high profile locations.

There's another of those BT advertising panels, located obstructively across the footway, because walking just isn't important in transport planning.

And in the distance are the dedicated cycle lights which have been covered by orange hoods since last September.

Hoe Street E17, coming up to the junction with St Mary Road. Comprehensively crap.