Tuesday 14 August 2012

Brilliant road safety suggestions # 317

As all enlightened cycling commentators know, the absolutely key role that cyclists can play in encouraging safer cycling and winning respect is policing the behaviour of other cyclists.

We also need more legislation, because after all, all British road users scrupulously obey the law.

So hats off to this marvellous suggestion which, if only the government will take it on board, is guaranteed to make cycling even safer than it already is.

It goes without saying that we need a compulsory helmet law to stop the spread of brain damage in the cycling community. (Sadly, there are many cycle discussion threads where it is very, very obvious that the contributors are a bit soft in the head and have not been wearing helmets!)

But let's not stop with a cycling helmet law. Let's go further.

Mr Cawthorn said: “I want the Government to go even further and make it law to wear bright green, yellow or red.

 “Cyclists have to be better protected - too many wear the wrong colour in order to hide mud splashes from roads, but the result is that they become camouflaged.

 “I believe changing the law would save lives.” 

This cyclist (below) ticks all the right boxes and sets an example to everyone. 

Wearing a helmet? YES

Wearing bright green, yellow or red? YES

Making every effort to appear conspicuous to others? YES

Unafraid of mud splashes?  YES