Sunday 5 August 2012

London Olympics Cycling – Your Questions Answered

Where is the best place to see free cycling events? 

Free cycling events are taking place all over London.

Simply stand beside any road in central London and the chances are you’ll be lucky enough to see an athlete competing in the Vehicular Cycling Trials. These involve individual cyclists competing to cross the city using only Transport for London white line cycling infrastructure. The cyclist who arrives at their destination first while feeling relaxed and without bruising or broken bones is the gold medal winner - always assuming they make it to the end of their journey. To add to the white knuckle excitement of vehicular cycling events London has lorry drivers who have killed twice and still not been banned from driving for life.

Should I wear a cycle helmet? 

If you are bald or it is raining heavily then you should definitely consider wearing a cycle helmet.

The fact that you were wearing a helmet will also count in your favour with the coroner and journalists after you are crushed to death by the reckless driver of a large vehicle.

Remember that a helmet should always be worn when riding on the pavement. It’s incredible to think that there are still some cyclists who foolishly ignore top safety tips. Two members of this Olympic team seem completely oblivious to the risk they pose to themselves should they collide with the child pedestrians ahead of them.

How is “cycle chic” achieved? 

When cycling on the pavement during the Olympics it is important to look good. Never wear lycra. Win the hearts of pedestrians by dressing like this.

Tartan shorts are a timeless fashion statement. Also note the way the trainers match the highly fashionable life-saving “Wiggo Safety Helmet”.

Remember that in London a stylish bike like this can cost as little as £70 from top cycle shop Halfords, and the chunky tyres are perfect for London’s notorious mountainous terrain.

Lastly, see how that bottle of water fits snugly at the waist and in no way detracts from the overall sense of chic. However under no circumstances attempt to give your bottle to a thirsty fellow cyclist as this is a criminal offence in London.

This special Olympic cycling guide was sponsored by BP, BMW, Dow Chemical and Rio Tinto Zinc – brand leaders in sustainability, road safety and social justice.