Wednesday 8 August 2007

The Bromley Road Cycle Stand

Bromley Road, E10, London Borough of Waltham Forest, at the junction with Lea Bridge Road. Close to the Bakers Arms junction, this is a very prominent location. This cycle stand (and the footway!) has been obstructed by a local business for over a year now. Some days the sign is right beside the stand. It is padlocked to the stand and so cannot be moved. Look carefully and you will see that the sack of sand used to weigh the sign and stop it blowing over in the wind has split, spilling sand on the footway.

Just one of hundreds of examples of the London Borough of Waltham Forest's failure to look after the interests of cyclists and pedestrians.

The title and content of this blog, incidentally, is inspired by the Crap Cycle Lanes of Croydon blog. It's time more London cyclists posted blogs showing just how crap London is for cycling in.