Monday 27 August 2007

Today's quality street!

Look, it's not as if I go looking for this kind of thing. It's just that I come across it all the time. On a sunny bank holiday Monday this was the situation on Carisbrooke Road E17 (High Street end). A flytipped bed, mingled with refuse that might just have something to do with a nearby business. And the footway completely obstructed.

And look beyond the rubbish to see just how comprehensive the degradation of the walking environment is. Firstly, the crap council introduced pavement parking on a street which once never had it. And you will see in the photo below that the owners of the van and the 4-wheel drive beyond it have parked their vehicles in a driveway which is too short for their vehicles. More than 50 per cent of the footway is obstructed. The Council has the power to deal with obstructions of this kind but chooses not to exercise it. Well, done, Waltham Forest!