Saturday 25 August 2007

More 'quality environment'

I spotted this while I was out on my bike this afternoon:

(Above) Sacks of rubbish alongside the commercial premises on Hawthorne Road E17 at the junction with Hoe Street.

(Above) Rubbish in official Council trade refuse bags on the pavement at the rear of the hairdressers on Penrhyn Crescent E17 close to the junction with Chingford Road. The area to the left of the white lines is for pavement parking. If someone had parked there you'd struggle to get between them and the rubbish with a motorized wheelchair or a double buggy. But then traditionally once this crap council has handed over large areas of the pavement for pavement parking it loses all interest in what happens to the strip that's left for pedestrians.

On Chingford Road outside the Monoux sixth form college a team of contractors were cutting down the magnificent mature trees here. This crap council is currently engaged in a tree massacre across the Borough. It hates trees. Trees are unpopular with some residents because they drop aphids on to parked cars. Well, we mustn't have that, must we?