Thursday 30 August 2007

Cyclist killed on Forest Road

The vehicle hit Mr McLean with such force that he was found 30 metres away from his bicycle. The driver did not stop after the accident, which happened near the junction with Winns Terrace.

The full story here.

48 hours later the police have still not put up a sign at the site of the collision asking for potential eye-witnesses to get in touch with them.

Last year the Green Party said:

Over 4,000 people a year are injured by 'hit and run' drivers in London. The sad reality is that the drivers failure to stop is part of a well established pattern of behaviour in London, with over eighty people a week being injured in collisions involving hit and run drivers."

"London has halved the number of traffic police in the last twelve years and as a result we live in a city where many drivers expect to break the rules and get away with it. We need a clampdown on road tax and insurance evasion, and we need the police to take these offences seriously again."

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