Monday, 3 March 2008

Another classic cycle lane!

So there you are, cycling along Beresford Road, on a quiet route to the Crooked Billet. And you come to this dedicated shared use facility. Split-level shared use is always a challenge because although conventionally the footway is higher than the cycle lane, it's not always. And this is one of those instances where cyclists are instructed to ride on the higher section (in the shadows, on the left, above).

The only problem is that once you've cycled round the corner you find yourself approaching a sign (below) which tells you that the section you are on is reserved for pedestrians and you should be on the other side of the kerb!

A brilliant design contradiction on the part of the London Borough of Waltham Forest. And these signs have been here for years, which tells you an awful lot about everyone involved in the Council's provision of cycling facilities.

And see what happens where the lane runs in to Roberts Road E17. The cycle lane entrance has no yellow line restriction at all (below), which means drivers can park across it, obstructing it, entirely legally. And the bollard has been helpfully placed two metres inside the lane, allowing a vehicle to reverse into it to park. And since there is a row of terraced houses here there is a big demand for parking space. But as we know, the parking of cars always takes precedence over cycling and walking.