Tuesday, 25 March 2008

'wfm' watch

The latest issue of the Council's 'free' newspaper wfm (lavishly subsidised out of council tax) has a double page spread on 'National Year of Reading 2008'.

It includes a helpful map showing where local libraries are. But don't try getting there on a bicycle as libraries numbers 1, 3 and 7 on the map don't have even a single cycle stand. Yes, the Council which likes to boast that it is London's leading cycle-friendly local authority hasn't even got round to installing cycle stands outside all its public libraries, let alone all the other Council buildings used by the public. (And I've previously blogged about the stands outside 2 and 6; I've never been to libraries 9 and 10.)

Oh and don't rely on the map in wfm either. For example, the street in blue identified as Larkshall Road is actually Winchester Road. But then who could be at all surprised that this clueless Council can't even identify the names of its own streets correctly?