Friday, 14 March 2008

A sign of priorities

All over the Borough signs for cyclists have become overgrown by vegetation, defaced by graffiti, twisted round by vandals and knocked by vehicles. The Council knows of this state of affairs but is gripped by inertia.

It's heartening to discover that not all signing is neglected, however. The Council is making a real effort, in co-operation with the Met, sticking up these attractive three-sided yellow notices for motorists. Who could not but admire the way they add to the visual amenity of our splendidly clean and attractive residential streets? And what could be more important than alerting drivers to the possibility that someone might want to steal their Sat Nav. After all, without a Sat Nav how can a driver be expected to know there's a speed camera up ahead?

As for cyclists... Some wag has moved this sign (below) so that it points not in the direction of Hackney but Chingford. Hilarious! And there's more...

Follow this sign (below) at the Crooked Billet and you'll find yourself cycling AWAY from Billet Road, not towards it.

This one (below) is pointing in the right direction. Wth the usual local artwork. Waterworks roundabout.

(Below) Subway ahead? I don't think so. The Crooked Billet. And notice those superbly maintained 'end of cycle lane' markings.

(Below). The lighting is wrongly positioned. But given the state of the sign it hardly seems to matter. North Circular overpass, Winchester Road E4.