Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Alice in Waltham Forest

The Council's policy is to provide cycle gaps at all road closures to give cyclists an advantage over motor vehicles.

"But that's a fib," said Alice. "You shouldn't say ALL when you don't mean it."

"In the London Borough of Waltham Forest," said the Mad Hatter, "words mean whatever the council says they mean."

First two photos: Langthorne Road E11. No cycle access. A TfL recommended 'quiet route' for cyclists.

(Below) The road closure at the end of Southwell Grove Road E11, junction with High Road Leytonstone. No cycle access or cycle lane. This is a wholly pedestrianised area.

Below: from Southwell Grove Road looking towards High Road Leytonstone

(Below) Fillebrook Road E11 road closure, no cycle access to Grove Green Road. (Providing access here would have allowed cyclists on Grove Green Road turning left into Fairlop Road to by-pass the traffic lights at the adjacent junction.)

(Below) The other arm of the road closure on Fillebrook Road E11, no cycle access to Fairlop Road.

(Below) Junction of Drayton Road/Bulwer Road E11. No cycle access. This redesign prioritised car parking.

(Below) Wellesley Road closed at the junction with St Barnabas Road E17. No cycle access.

(Below) Rutland Road closed at the junction with Wellesley Road E17. No cycle access.