Thursday, 10 July 2008

Green council job vacancy!

Apropos of my previous post on ‘road safety’, below. The latest issue of the council’s free paper WFM includes an ad for an ‘Accident Prevention Officer’.

Waltham Forest is committed to reducing the number of casualties on the roads. We are looking for an Accident Prevention Officer to help deliver our Accident Prevention Safety Education Programmes.

‘Safety Education’ is the usual crap about teaching children to behave as responsible adults in a lethal road environment filled with drivers speeding, talking on mobile phones, and accelerating towards traffic lights at amber. And take special care when someone is approaching in a 4X4 with a bull bar fitted, because they can kill you even at speeds as low as 18 mph, and if they do it will be YOUR FAULT, you reckless and irresponsible child cyclist or pedestrian.

Once you buy into the concept that using lethal machinery (to wit: a motor vehicle) recklessly or irresponsibly is an ‘accident’, fostering the notion that violence at the hands of criminals is somehow unavoidable or excusable, then you are not helping to make the roads safer but perpetuating the status quo.

Oh yes, one other thing about this job vacancy with a progressive green council:

A full driving licence and the use of a car will be necessary as the post carries a car user allowance.