Thursday, 31 July 2008


(Above) Mission Grove close to the junction with High Street E17, yesterday. Not just blocking a cycle stand but also comprehensively obstructing a wide pavement. Why this crap council doesn't just send someone along with a truck and confiscate these trolleys which have been causing all kinds of obstruction here for months, I'll never understand. There are four trolleys here, tied together with rope.

(Below) Two connected Asda shopping carts block the pavement on Eldon Road E17. Also yesterday. Not a problem for the able bodied but a different story if you are blind or in a mobility scooter.

(Below) A dropped kerb on Queens Road E17, junction with Connaught Road: you wouldn't get through the gap with a mobility scooter or a double buggy. Yesterday.

Worth remembering that this is a council which boasts it is Positive about disabled people.