Sunday, 7 June 2009

A fruity and topical London Borough of Waltham Forest photograph

"I am staying in the Government. I am very proud to be in the Labour Government, I am very proud to be part of Gordon Brown's Government" said Caroline Flint, the day before she decided she wasn’t.

But as Ms. Flint knows, starting the day with some fresh fruit is the best way of beginning the first day of the rest of your life. It is something two prominent Waltham Forest Labour Party representatives can also relate to.

This charming photograph shows Ms. Flint in between local Waltham Forest MP Harry Cohen, who has also been in the news recently and Waltham Forest councillor Miranda Grell, who not so long ago also made headlines (and is consequently now an ex-councillor).

This leaves one enigma unsolved. How did Harry manage to spend thirteen quid on a garlic press and a tin opener? His local Tesco sells garlic presses for £2. In Sainsbury's you can buy a garlic press and a matching tin opener and still get change from £6.

It's a mystery.