Thursday, 4 June 2009

Greenway to paradise

Some pictures from the dedicated Lower Hall Lane E4 cycle route to the River Lee, which I explored last Sunday, never having been that way before. The Sustrans/Waltham Forest 'Greenway' from Larkswood Park, Chingford, will link up with Lower Hall Lane, to provide a direct and attractive walking and cycling route to the Lea Valley.

As you can see from these photographs, its attraction as a leisure route is obvious. So a big thankyou to Sustrans.

Once leaving the A1009, you are quickly in the countryside (above).

(Below) Before long another possibility comes into view. The other side of this slip road a blue cycle lane sign can be glimpsed, indicating a route directly under the North Circular. It appears to be accessed by crossing a road where traffic is travelling in both directions at 60 mph. I decided to explore this thrilling Ballardian shadow-world some other time, and so continued on towards the river.

(Below) As might be expected of a cycle route in a cycle-friendly local authority, the level of upkeep and maintenance is of a very high standard indeed. But please do remember to wear a cycle helmet, which provides important protection should you hit your head on the side of a bath.

(below) The Greenway runs beside an abandoned and smashed vehicle, bearing a sticker reading POLICE AWARE.

This route is a must for pylon lovers.

(Below) This way to a landscape of outstanding natural beauty.

(Below) Only by walking or cycling can you get up close to this magical building. The Edmonton Incinerator, as it prefers not to be known as any more.

(Below) A grand view over the surrounding countryside. And some existentialist signing. More pics, of the glorious riverside, tomorrow.