Monday, 8 June 2009

Lawless anti-social behaviour sponsored by the Met

Loomis bullion van DK08BBF, unlawfully parked across the High Street pedestrian crossing, obstructing the tactile surface for blind pedestrians, 10.38 am, last Friday.

Instead of using the secure and private vehicle entrance at the rear of Sainsbury's, this lazy yob driver comes along every Friday morning and does this, in full view of two CCTV stalks.

Hardly surprising, since sometimes these regular Loomis law-breakers get a police escort. Another reminder that far from 'Working together for a safer London' the car-supremacist Metropolitan Police is actively on the side of road danger, and absolutely no friend of cyclists or pedestrians.

(Below) The Town Square pedestrian zone, 2 June. The blue van is a G4 vehicle. Instead of using the dedicated and private vehicle entrance, which provides secure access to all commercial premises in the Mall, this lazy driver prefers to drive into the pedestrian zone and reverse up to one of the pedestrian entrances. Also note how the increasing numbers of cars which park here without authority are encroaching more and more into the pedestrian zone.