Sunday, 7 June 2009

This blog now available in Franglais

My Friday’s post on the discovery of an ancient Aztec sign was picked up by a French archaeologist, annotated, and helpfully re-translated back into English. By machine, I think.

Mayor Boris Johnson has ordered a immature double and logo against the apart from 2million pleasure be played out on the out of song with. Londoners pleasure be encouraged to submit ideas. Let me proffer this old-fashioned Aztec eccentric, discovered in the Lea Valley merely two days ago middle of archaeologists participating in the Hackney jungle trek block. Experts control shown that it forms as for of ‘Orient Way’, identified as avery big and well-modulated segregated cycletrack which won the London Cycling Campaign Best Cycle Route Award in 2001. This logo is nauseate e leave against a re-branded London, as it eloquently demonstrates the incongruity between rotate and Aristotelianism entelechy.

Archaeological digs at this position control also uncovered astounding evidence of by flouted barometer. Could I control my 2 million moment resolve? (Below) The LCC prize-winning ‘very wide’ and attractively maintained Orient Way come back again lane.