Tuesday 2 November 2010

Driver crashes during school road safety exercise

Ten pupils from the school were with the officer, PC Duncan Stableford, of Chigwell Road Policing Unit, at the time as part of a road safety exercise.

He said: “The children were checking the speed of drivers on one side of the road when a car travelling in the other direction went out of control about 15 yards further along the road.

“The car clipped the parked car and because its front wheel was damaged it mounted the pavement, struck a brick wall and came to rest in a hedge. The car was badly damaged and will probably be a write-off.

“The driver was badly shaken and admitted that she had lost concentration and had failed to clear the parked car.

“We do school speed visits to teach children about crossing the road safely and being aware of the speed of cars.
The crash also taught them to always be alert when on the road and to always wear a seat belt.”