Tuesday 2 November 2010

Safe cycling and lorries

TfL have just launched an ‘autumn cycle safety campaign’ which puts the emphasis on educating cyclists about the hazards posed by lorry drivers.

This blog is pleased to offer its own road safety tips in this area.

For example, when you encounter a lorry driver who has parked in the mandatory cycle lane (with double yellow line ‘no waiting at any time’ restrictions and a continuous white line which drivers are forbidden to cross), remember it is very dangerous to overtake. The lorry driver might accelerate without warning, or you might be crushed to death by a lorry driver who is speeding and not paying attention. That is why in road conditions like this you should first check that there are no pedestrians, then cycle on the pavement. The police in Waltham Forest won’t mind a bit!

Avoiding those dangerous roads full of nasty, lawless lorry drivers – you know it makes sense.

Alternatively you may wish to emigrate to the Netherlands.

Forest Road (A503), where, as you can see, the road is just too narrow for safe segregated cycling on the Dutch model.

By the way the driver of this Mercedes lorry, reg. X354 AVR, is working for Vivalda, a business which is passionate about the environment It said on the side 'Help in a complex world'. Bless.