Tuesday 2 November 2010

speed maniacs given one year ban

The police camera shows the cars swerving in an out of other vehicles, veering wildly as the men switch lanes keeping their speed at between 130mph and 140mph for THREE minutes.

Daniel Carter, 27, who was driving a sporty £36,000 Nissan Skyline and Austen Constantinou 28, in a Nissan Primera saloon, were jailed after a judge told them it was only 'blind luck' nobody was killed.

Sentencing them at Lewes Crown Court, Judge Simon Coltart told them their driving was the most appalling he had ever seen. He said he was concerned that Carter still seemed not to realise how close he had come to killing someone.

'He does not accept he has done anything wrong. He just does not accept it was dangerous driving.

They were both banned from driving for a year