Saturday 6 November 2010

That land on Forest Road

An appendix to my post about the disposal of public land on Forest Road. In reply to the question posed by a commenter on the Archipelago of Truth:

Do we know the buyer of the site? Any 'local' connections?

The land was put up for auction by Savills but whether anyone bought it or not I don’t know. There has been some activity at the site recently, and some concrete slabs have appeared, but what this signifies I don’t know. Presumably any development would require planning permission. If any notices appear by this site I’ll photograph them and put them up on the blog.

The Archipelago says that one local councillor’s chosen mobility mode is a chauffeur driven Bentley. Message to Techno: please say which road this member lives on and this blog will endeavour to get a pic of this magnificent phenomenon….