Saturday 2 April 2011

It’s the cradle of the ‘cleaner streets’ policy!

Eldon Road E17. Yesterday.

Clean, clutter-free streets. That’s what residents say they want. That’s why the council has hit the ground running by responding with an expensive poster campaign saying that’s what counts. That’s what residents want. And what residents want they will be told they want. Just in case they’ve forgotten what it is they want. Because that’s what counts. People. People saying what it is that counts. On posters. Everywhere.

As for the actual streets…

(Above) Pedestrian-friendly Willow Walk (such a lovely rural name)

(Below) Welcome to Queens Road station.

(Below) Spruce Hills Road E17. Not a problem for the able-bodied but if you are in or pushing a wheelchair, using a mobility scooter, or pushing a double-buggy, this represents obstruction of the footway. The roadworks were on the next street, making this sign even more superfluous.

And don't get me started on those annoyingly obstructive and unsightly advertising panels aimed at distracting passing motorists which the Council agreed to allow to be installed across pavements all over the borough, without the slightest consideration for the convenience of pedestrians. The recession has meant that advertising revenue has plummeted. But not to worry, there's always one source available to balance the books. The Council itself!

Photo credit: George Orwell.