Tuesday 26 April 2011

Suppressing cycling on Northcote Road E17

While traditional British cycle campaigning continues to insist that the proper place for cyclists is among motor traffic, the streets continue to be developed in ways hostile to safe, convenient cycling. Here’s the latest local example: a new pinch point on Northcote Road E17, a two-way cycling-hostile street with rubber speed cushions all the way down the middle. Naturally this cycling-unfriendly street forms part of the crap, meaningless 'London Cycle Network'.

Northcote Road is entirely devoted to car parking bays, even though many of the houses along it have off-street parking. Even within the failed culture of vehicular cycling it would have been possible to design better pinch points, providing a cycle by-pass. Waltham Forest is a failed cycling borough, determined to build on its failure.