Thursday 14 April 2011

Kill while driving using a mobile phone and lose your licence for just three years

Keisha Wall, 20, a university student, was sitting alongside her mother, who was a driving instructor, when she lost control of the Suzuki Jimny she was driving and hit Christine Lyon, 63.

Wall had passed her driving test only months previously and was looking at the message on her mobile phone when she mounted a pavement and struck Mrs Lyon, who was crushed against a wall and died instantly.

Wall got her mini 4X4 as a present. She’s an unrepentant narcissist who turned up at court clutching her mobile phone. Her driving instructor mother was complicit in her reckless driving but has not apparently been prosecuted for anything, nor does her career as a driving instructor seem to have been jeopardised in any way.

Wall, like other killer drivers, enjoyed the powerful institutional protection of that creepy collection of individuals who make up The Sentencing Advisory Panel. The judge’s hands were tied:

Judge Stephen John said that the crash came under the lesser category of 'avoidable distraction' under level three for the sentencing guidelines.

This murderous egotist was therefore only banned from driving for three years.