Monday 28 April 2008

Clyde Loakes ate my cycle lane

What's going on here? This is the cycle lane on High Road Leytonstone, heading north. And as you can see, the pavement has been built out, gobbling up most of the cycle lane. Another of Councillor Loakes's "improvements"?

Now I can see that this is work in progress. But I am not happy that the cycle lane has been eaten up before some alternative has been put in place. Forcing cyclists out into the carriageway at this point is not a good idea - not on a long straight road where some drivers break the limit. And how many dozy, mobile-phone-chattering drivers will notice that cyclists are going to enter "their" part of the road?

What's more, the contractors have left a depression in the cycle lane alongside the kerb (deep enough to bring you off your bike if you inadvertently drifted into it), as well as covering the lane in scatterings of aggregate. (Below)

There's also a new, cycle-unfriendly drain (look at those vertical slits):

Take care, now...