Wednesday, 9 April 2008

This way to the National Cycle Network

Welcome to the cycle route on Cranbrook Mews/Courtenay Place, Walthamstow. A dismal, depressing, lonely back street between the railway line and the back of some High Street shops. It leads to St James Street, although there is no dedicated cycle exit/entrance there. The route fizzles out in a 'shared use' alley, followed by a pavement and a large kerb (below) There is no crossing facility on busy St James Street if you want to continue on to Leucha Road opposite.

'Welcome to Walthamstow' it says on the graffiti-spattered sign between the sacks of rubbish and the trade refuse green bin.

I can't imagine why any cyclist would want to use this route when there are much friendlier and more accessible ones close by. But I suppose designating this a cycle route looks good on paper.

At the start of this route you encounter a completely indecipherable direction sign (below).

At the Courtenay Mews end there is some 'heritage' paving, maintained to LBWF's usual high standard (below).

Happy cycling...