Monday, 7 April 2008

Esom's empire

Fascinating. This week's local paper reports that the Taxpayer's Alliance has discovered that Martin Esom, the Council's Executive Director of Environment and Regeneration, is paid a whopping £115,133 a year.

But who could possibly doubt that he's worth every penny? Here on East Avenue E17 you can see at a glance the huge improvement there's been since I last blogged about the fencing put up by the Council's own contractors:

And everwhere you look you can see Mr Esom's keen commitment to maintenance of the Borough's cycling facilities. This is at the Green Man:

Admittedly some parts of the Borough are quite literally falling apart:

Why not ring Mr Esom up and congratulate him on a job well done? From this telephone box on Markhouse Road you can see all around you the evidence of an executive director who has the local environment firmly under control. Well done, Mr Esom!