Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Council cracks down on cycling

Council leader Clyde Loakes said today he was 'exasperated' that some people still choose to cycle, despite every effort having been made to discourage this dinosaur mode of personal transport. 'At the Town Hall we have provided hundreds of car parking spaces, but despite this there are still people turning up here on bikes, even though we have deliberately only supplied four cycle stands. With demand at bursting point some cyclists have taken to locking their bikes to the Town Hall railings. This is intolerable, which is why we have put up these notices. If this outrageous outbreak of cycling persists we may have to reduce the number of stands, as we have done with great success outside the Bhs store in the Town Square, where I am pleased to say we have reduced the number of cycle stands from five to one. With your help we can put an end to this pernicious form of personal mobility once and for all.' A Council spokesperson added, 'To underline our commitment to stamping out cycling our staff will continue to obstruct cycle stands at every opportunity.'

The four cycle stands at the Town Hall.

(Below) The recommended local authority travel mode (Town Hall car park)