Monday, 4 August 2008

Cycle parking is rubbish

The sayings of Chairman Bob, supreme leader of the Waltham Forest environment:

“Roads are now getting cleaner and residents will start noticing the difference.”

And now I think it's time for Bob to take his pills and have a nice lie down while I show you some photographs. (Above) Truro Road E17, last Thursday

(Below) Three days in the life of a cycle stand, Vernon Road E17. Last week.




(Below) It's a marvellous idea to put a council 'quality environment' litter bin beside a cycle stand. It makes balancing sacks of rubbish so much easier. (Outside Fish Brothers, in the High Street)

(Below) Between two stools: the cycle stands on the corner of Palmerston Road E17 and High Street, by the pay toilet. It's very rare to see anyone park their bike here. Fear of bike theft, I suspect. Or could there be some other reason?