Sunday, 3 August 2008

Driving instructors

So there I was at The Bell Corner again. As usual the cycle lane was obstructed and both ASLs were illegally occupied by stationary vehicles. What intrigued me was that the one on the left was a driving instructor's car. A learner driver was getting that all important first lesson: cyclists and cycling facilities are to be ignored. (The instruction is from BUDDIES, who are a sizeable firm.)

The lights are at green in the pic above but in fact all the vehicles are stationary. By the time I'd got my camera out the lights changed a micro-second before I took the snap.

On other occasions I've seen driving instructor cars unlawfully parked on the pavement while beginners get a lesson, and a couple of weeks ago I was cycling along Lea Bridge Road when I stopped at a zebra crossing for an old man and a child who I guess was his grandson. As they crossed in front of me a car came tearing along and drove across the zebra. This is both dangerous and an offence.

It was, needless to say, a solitary driving instructor, presumably either speeding back to base or on his way to teach someone how to drive.