Thursday, 21 August 2008


There are roadworks going on in High Road Leyton, and a section of the cycle lane is fenced off. Please, whatever you do, don't cycle past, because you might get in the way of a speeding car, or distract a driver who is busy steering with one hand while texting. Dismount and walk past on the pavement. You belong to an inferior species. The rest of the road isn't for cyclists, it's for cars. Dismount. At once, do you hear!

And as I was taking another photograph this cyclist (below) whizzed by me on the pavement. This is seriously anti-social cycling. Unfortunately this is what happens. Because cycle lanes are frequently obstructed, and because the roads are full of dangerous maniacs in control of a ton of metal, some cyclists respond to all the hassle by taking to the pavement. I wish they wouldn't.