Monday, 27 April 2009

The London Velib

Plans for a cycle hire scheme in London that could mean an extra 40,000 cycle trips a day have moved a step closer. Transport for London (TfL) hopes to implement the scheme by May 2010 and intends to submit planning applications for 400 cycle docking stations. The idea will be key to achieving a 400% increase in cycle journeys in London by 2025, TfL said.

David Hembrow is sceptical:

This is not the sort of scheme which genuinely results in a large cycle culture. It can only ever be a small part of the picture.

It seems to me that public cycle hire is being picked on by many cities largely because it's the smallest thing can be done which will make it look as if something is being done. No longer do you need to do anything complicated and expensive like re-arranging the streets to make them more suited for cycling, or risk alienating motorists as you do it. Just allow a company to set up doing bike hire and the world's press will be amazed by your achievement.